Fri, 27 Apr 2007

It's 4.56 a.m, and I still sitting in front of my beloved PC. Sleepy but sleepless, tired but restless.The fun at Puchong Sportsplanet still in my mind, although DM terribly defeated by other majoring teams, I still can accept it with smile and joy...No regret k!

But, those joys seems mixed up with feeling of loneliness and emptiness...deep inside me. I don't really know why,I started to think about my pass, old memories and everything that made me up today. But the most of it is about emptiness.

Why should I feel this way? I have many friends (boys and girls) around me, I have very nice family, I have few buddies who understand me well. Then why I should feel this loneliness?

Only God knows the best...not me nor you..

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