16th March 1996...
Fri, 16 Mar 2007

Lookin' at the title above takes my memory back to 11 years ago when I was in form 3 in one of the boarding schools in the central region of Peninsular Malaysia.

During that time, I'd fell for a girl. She was cute and I'd fell for her at first sight,(hahaha). I started to make a move.

I tried to acquire all of her personal informations such as her name, hometown, birthday, etc. Only then did i realise that she was in my batch but in a different class (...nice)

Unfortunately, some of my friends found out about this and they started to spread out the news till the whole batch knew this gossip. I was shocked and a tad embarrased, but at the same time i felt happy as this girl could finally notice me (hehe)

After a while the gossip remained hot and became hotter until March 16,1996......

That day was her birthday. A day before, I bought a birthday card and wrote few words wishing happy birthday and the best of luck for her. Then I put it inside her desk.(fuhh)

Then came March, 16. As my school held a sports day, everyone was busy from the morning till the end of the event in the evening. Everyone was tired and went back to the hostel to rest and do whatever was necessary.

That night, around 9.00 pm as a few of my dormmates and I were loafing, my classmate rushed in and called me. He told me that I should go to the class and see what had happened, he refused to tell me eventhough I asked him over and over again.

Without furthur delay, I rushed to my classroom and found out what it was. 5-6 of my friends were standing around my desk, it looked like an accident had just occured. When I approached, they opened a way for me to my desk.

Well nothing there, just my own book. But suddenly one of my friends opened it and....Oh God! what the....! I was really shocked plus puzzled. What have i done? Izzit wrong to send a birthday card to a girl?

Well to tell you all, I sent her a nice PIECE of birthday card and she sent me back many PIECES of torned card (the one I sent her yesterday). Not just that, she also wrote offensive words in every piece of it. May God forgive her..


It was 11 years ago,what a bitter sweet memory...

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