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Mon, 13 Oct 2008
Recently, the world has been struck by the story of melamine which has killed few babies and hospitalized thousands of them in China and other few countries. Here in Malaysia, we also can’t totally run away from this threat as many brands of food imported from China are still “free” in our local market.

However, do not fear. The Ministry of Health has taken immediate action by banning several brands which proven to be contained melamine above permissible level.

The ministry's food quality and safety division director Noraini Mohd Othman in a statement Thursday said the product contained above the 75 ppm (parts per million) level of melamine that is permitted.

The statement added that 12 products analysed by the division found them to meet the ministry's standard for melamine content,

They are Fruit Jelly Stick (Motion), Genuine Pearl Jelly (Tian Tian), Lobster Peanut Crisp (Cap Layang), 888 (Egg & Milk Filling) (Vigor 888), Rice Crackers (Wang Wang), Biscuit Sticks (Four Seas). Mini Poppers Chocolate Flavoured (Walls), White Coffee 3-in-1 (Dali Coffee Beverage), Apple Sandwich Biscuits (Bairong), Colourfull Party (Cherry & Apple Biscuits) (Bairong), Almond Cakes (Fu Die Lai) and Curtes Chocolate (Giff).


For more updates from Ministry of Health Malaysia, click here.

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