Maggie in the bottle...
Sat, 29 Mar 2008
Last night I stayed alone in my room while all my roommates were out. The internet connection was so sucky and made me out of mood to do anything (especially my FYP work, hehe). Then I started to play Need For Speed Underground 2 (or NafSU 2, an old pc game) to kill the time.

While I was immersed in the game, suddenly I heard a familiar sound from the inside. Oh it's a sound from my empty stomach! I barely realize that I was really hungry because of the game...Then I decided what to eat. My "out-of-mood" condition and the NaFSU 2, prevented me from going down to buy a dinner.

Finally I decided just to eat instant noodle or maggie ajelah, and fortunately there is a large stock of them in my room (my roommates' maggie).

But, there was still a problem. I can't find any bowl to use to cook the maggie. There's one bowl, but the condition was really unappetizing attractive to me. (blerghh).

Finally, I have no choice ok! I have to cook my maggie matter what, in bowl or whatever...

and I did it...Thank to God, I can continue racing again..hehe.