About this durian...
Tue, 26 Mar 2008

Above picture shows a durian from clone called D2 .Below are few information about this durian based on my study for my FYP.

Locally known as Dato Nina and registered 1934

Fruit heart shaped, skin silvery brown in color

Average weight 1.35 kg

Pulp is golden yellow, thick (25% in fruit), and small seed

Good quality but poor yielder although flowers profusely

Trees may yield up to 40-50 fruits per tree weighing about 70-80kg

Won top prize for quality at the Penang Durian Comptition 1989

Actually I have few more clones to share, but perhaps later. I just want to get my mood to continue my work. Work ! Work! Work!


P/s:- Durian oh durian...
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