Election 2008
Thu, 6 Mar 2008
Today I'm going to back to my hometown in Segamat. While waiting for my brother to take me home, I was thinking to post something about the election and our right as the citizen.

For me when you reach your 21st years of your life, you are given a right to choose whoever that will run the government especially in Malaysia every 5 years. However, in today's scenario, some people not only just ignoring their rights to choose, but in the same time try to deny others' right as well by influencing each other (by any means) not to vote in the election.

To deny others' right by influencing them not to vote during the election day is not a good solution or act. Of course if you are 21 or above and you don't want to vote (you have your own reason) it's your very own right. But in the same time never ask others to follow your foolish act.

What I'm trying to say here is, always value our right as the citizen of this country. I don't care what is your ideology or which side you are in. The point is, if you are really a good citizen and love Malaysia, be a good citizen,be righteous and be faith. Go voting, choose your leader well. This is because "without a cent there won't be enough to make it a dollar" and with even one vote only, it may determine the future of this country.

This post just my humble opinion, you read it, think about it and act accordingly. Let's vote!

P/s:- This is my 2nd time. What about you? :)
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