Evening Rain...
Wed, 5 Mar 2008

It was raining with dark and stormy evening. I just stayed in my room doing nothing after "DOTA"ing with my roommate, Ajis. Xua was in his dreamland till now.

After a while, suddenly I remembered that I had write a short poem about memory more than 3 years ago, entitle "Memory Remains".

come uninvited, gone unnoticed.
happiness,depression rose
along the path of light and darkness
restraining the destiny,
unleashing unrevealed moment,
provoking timeless confusion...

each moment burns
as the day walked through the night,
voices of yesterday consumed slowly
till I sink into the bottomless pit of me.

smiles and tears,
moon and stars,
reviving the past
and the memory remains...

P/s:- Rain is cool...
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