After a while...
Mon, 25 Feb 2008

Finally I managed to access to my own blog after 15 days of unexpected downtime. It was really "not cool" when you have your own blog, but you can't blog, or access it due to whatever messed up! Hopefully this thing never happen again in the future, because it's really not nice at all...

Since the day of the downtime (in 2 weeks time), many things happened around me. One of the event was, my mom had to undergo an operation to remove gallstones from her kidney (1 month after my operation). Of course nobody wants such a thing, but we all plan, God himself decided.

Thanks to God, now my mom are well-recovered just like me, but still in "pantang" of certain food especially seafood and high-salted stuffs.

About the other thing that happened, I guess better for me to just keep it in my mind, no need to share lah...maybe later or never. Oh, gtg I have to continue my work, blog late ok! chiow!

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